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What’s in a Sign?

Everyone has heard the old saying, “A business without a sign, is a sign of no business”. Signs are one of the oldest forms of marketing and are becoming the business cards of the 90’s. Let’s examine this a little further and figure out the types of signs your company may be in the need of and the importance of these signs. Remember our highly trained staff can assist in the beginning stages of this process here at Indianapolis Sign Company, Eye 4 Group. 


Lobby Signs (3D)

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One of the most high traffic areas in your company is the lobby area. This is a huge branding and marketing area for companies. It is the perfect area to place your company logo and produce a decorative touch to catch the visitors eye and make a lasting impression. Our idea for this touch is a 3D lobby sign. In order for the 3D lobby sign to be effective and stand out, we would need to design them with your company’s style. This is where our highly trained staff at Eye 4 Group will be able to assist you. We would set up a consultation and have a site visit to your office to see exactly what your company needs. These signs need to grab the attention of your clients and be placed in an area that will be a branding powerhouse. This not only can be a conversation piece, but will also gain confidence in your client, as this pulls together the look of the office as well. 3D lobby signs continue to be the hottest items in the sign industry. Call us today at Eye 4 Group to add one to your lobby today.


Interior Signs


Along with the lobby signs, you can also add interior office signs as well. Once you get past the lobby sign, your visitors will need to be directed to the proper areas within your facility. This not only continues your branding throughout the facility, but also makes the client feel more welcome and comfortable while navigating around your facility. These signs also give a trendy feel to a once simple, traditional office. Keep in mind your business decor reflects a certain image to your clients. A decorated, appealing office is inviting to the client, which in turn makes them feel a sense of comfort and trust. If you take this much pride in your office, they realize you will also take pride in them as well. Remember to keep in mind placement of these signs is just as important as the sign itself. This is where we can help with any questions you may have. Contact us at Eye 4 Group to help get this vision started and we will create a warm and welcoming office for your staff and clients.




Let’s switch gears for a moment and focus on signs that can increase sales for your business. Using banners for your business is an awesome idea because you can often times see a return on investment from this type of advertising. These banners can be easily displayed and will showcase your business to attract potential new clients.  You can use banners when you launch a new product, service or are running a special. Banners can be used for a wide variety of items as well. Grand openings, trade shows, welcome signs, sales promotions and informational signage. Another great feature of our banners is that they are lightweight so they can be easily transported while traveling to all of your events. Contact our team at Eye 4 Group with any questions that you may have on creating a banner that works best for your company’s needs. 


Outdoor Signs


Finally, we will touch on outdoor signage and some keys items to focus on while looking for the perfect sign. Outdoor signage may be one of the most important kinds of signage, as this could be what attracts the consumer in the door. This is the first impression that your customer notices about your business. When picking out your signage there are a few key items to think about. Be specific in what your product is and all relevant product information. Keep it simple, you have 5 seconds to convey your message to a client. Keep in mind signs are advertisements; you want the customer to do something. Whether it is having them enter your store for a specific sale or locate your business. Either way, the sign needs to send this message. These signs also should be consistent with the branding throughout the interior of the office. Finally, place these signs in an area with as much traffic as possible.

All of these types of signage will not only draw new clients/customers, but this could be the first impression they will receive from your business. This image is what you convey to your client before they step into your office.

If your office is in need of any of these signage needs, we have a wide variety of options that can accommodate any budget. Please feel free to contact our highly trained staff at Eye 4 Group for any of your indoor or outdoor signage needs.


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