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Advertising in Motion – Vehicle Wraps

Kingdom_Contruction_Vehicle_Graphic_4Many people think of outdoor advertising as a sign, billboard or banner. One of the easiest and “free” types of advertising is a custom vehicle wrap.  Imagine how much advertising your vehicle wrap will display just by sitting outside your office, parked in your driveway at home and driving around town. This type of exposure is endless and will attract people not only in your target audience, but others who may have never even thought about your type of business or line of work. 

Custom vehicle wraps are a sure way to have consumers stop and take a glance at what exactly it is you are displaying on your vehicle. Our vehicle wraps are built from vinyl adhesives with high resolution graphics printed on them. To put it simply, it’s a large “sticker” that is placed over the exterior of a vehicle. At Eye 4 Group, the process from start to finish for our vehicle wraps are done in house. We work with 3M to supply the best quality of materials that come with a 3M manufacturers warranty. We will take care of air bubbles that may occur and guarantee our installation for one year.

A vehicle wrap can be placed on a small portion of your vehicle or cover the entire vehicle with your company logo, phone number and the services of your business. These wraps do not damage your vehicle, they actually add another layer of protection! We also can customize all types of vehicles such as cars, RVs, vans, trailers, boats, golf carts, food trucks, and more. If you are looking to make your vehicle wrap stand out among the rest and start your outdoor advertising today, please contact our experienced staff at Eye 4 Group. 


Here are a few tips to assist in vehicle wrap design:

  1. Use of high resolution graphics or vector graphics
  2. Visualize what the vehicle wrap would look like on the vehicle when driving down the road. Graphics need to be large and legible or they will turn into a blur in motion
  3. Call To Action – Key items to let them know your company, contact information and what your business offers (If the logo doesn’t justify this)
  4. Let us measure the vehicle for exact measurements. This will assist with the design and placement of the vehicle wrap.


Design process:

 Check out one of the vehicles we custom designed for our company that was also entered into a 3M contest.

We went through several different versions before we decided to run with the race theme.  Our designer decided to design layer by layer with a variety of different textures to create interest.  Since the truck was white initially, we decided to fade the front to white to retain some of the original color of the truck.  The finishing touches to the ‘race’ theme are the ‘sponsor’ stickers featured on the sides, the racing stripe on the hood, and the net/roll cage graphic in the windows.  

Vehicle wraps combine the essential aspects of marketing, promotions, and advertising into one package. This type of advertising could bring a return on investment as well. Now let’s get started and have your vehicle wrap start rolling in the customers today. Call us today at Eye 4 Group for your company’s Indianapolis vehicle wrap needs.