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What Type of Sign Are You Giving off to Your Customers?

11218954_875332405847677_8021256504266091540_nEveryone knows the importance of having a lasting first impression on a potential or new client when walking into an office, store or building. One of the first things they see is your name and logo on your indoor sign. Would you say this is a great first impression or is this area blank; therefore there is no impression that is given off at all?

An indoor sign is a large part of the branding of your business. Having an indoor sign not only looks professional, but gives the visitor a representation of the business you conduct and a sense of comfort when entering your office. This sign can potentially increase your revenue and will stand out amongst the rest. Let’s take a look at a few indoor sign options and see what works best for your business. 

Menu Boards

Menu boards are a smart move to see a return on investment for your business. Especially in the restaurant business as they are one of the keys signs to function properly. Not only is this one of the first items that your customer sees, but it is also a simple yet effective way to showcase the products you are selling. With a menu board, customers find it easy to locate items quickly and effectively. These indoor signs display a lot of information to help customers, while frequently being able to update the content that is on them as well.


Office and Lobby Signs

One sign that your office should not be without is a lobby sign. Lobby and office signs are a critical part of building brand awareness. The lobby is one of the busiest traffic areas of your office; therefore this is the first impression visitors receive about your office and business. This area needs to represent your image and professionalism that your company is trying to relay. We offer a wide variety of materials, designs and options for the perfect sign to fit your needs.


Directory and Wayfinding Signs

To help your visitors find their way around your office, store or building we offer directory and wayfinding signs. These signs are meant to guide them easily throughout your facility and bring ease and comfort to them. The main goals of these indoor signs are to have visitors be able to navigate to their destination quick and easy. Some types of facilities that would benefit from these indoor signs are schools, office buildings, shopping centers and hospitals. 

Banner Displays

Banner displays are great signage since they are mobile and can easily be set up and torn down. A banner would have great use in a retail store as well. This sign can easily be moved around with your needs. If you have a day with heavy foot traffic, you can relocate the sign to a different area in the store. Once the traffic slows down, you can easily move the sign back to that area.


Door Signs

10257885_742903412423911_7123217095553612754_nThe sign on your door is what will potentially draw customers into your store or office, or have them walk the other way. A well-executed door sign should be visible at a glance and something simple such as your logo and company name should be displayed on them. A storefront sign should feature a clean, easy to read and well maintained sign. Always keep in mind when designing any indoor sign; this is potentially the first visual image a customer has of your company. You want to draw them to your company first; therefore it is imperative to stand out among others in the same field. Whether you choose a 3D letter, vinyl graphic or a window perforation, you need something that stands out and attracts customers to your location. Eye4Group has multiple options within your budget needs. Contact us today for a free consultation for your indoor sign needs.

3 Dimensional Letters

You can make your logo and name “pop” out to clients using dimensional letters. 3D letters make a great first impression to your client; this type of sign is not something they are used to seeing day to day. 3D signs gives your business increased visibility and a professional and unique look. The options for this type of indoor sign is limitless and we offer a wide range of materials to design these signs to sync with the rest of your office décor. Let’s make your company literally stand out among your competitors.


There are many choices when it comes to picking the right indoor sign for your business or store. At Eye4Group, we will guide you through this process as easy as possible. We will set up a consultation, design a variety of samples for you to view and show you what the final product will look like before any installation begins. If an indoor sign is not something that you currently need, we offer a variety of promotional products to promote your branding as well.


Here are some other items that will set your business apart from your competitors: 

  • Design (logo design, business cards, marketing collateral and branding)
  • Vehicle Graphics (graphics and wraps)
  • Monuments
  • Outdoor Signs (yard signs, post and panel and banners)
  • Metal Fabrication (street blades, metal frames and handrails)
  • Promotional Items (t-shirts, golf balls and thumb drives)

Whatever item you are in need for at Eye4Group we are ready to set your company apart from the rest. Please contact us today so we can assist with any questions you may have and then begin the designing on your next project.