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Tips On Why Networking Is So Important in The Business World

Is Networking a part of your weekly routine?

networkingDo you attend networking events and receive handfuls of business cards? Do you set these aside or use them to build your business? It is very important to not only keep these business cards in some sort of database to send newsletters, promote new products, etc, but it is also important to keep in contact with these people to connect on a more personal level. These new faces are more then just “new friends” they could be potential clients and you already broke the ice and – a way in. You also have multiple ways to keep in touch with them, via email, phone and even social media channels. 

The importance of networking is key to any successful business. Yes – leads generate from your website, people driving past your business, but if you are a new company or a growing company, you need to keep in contact with your current clients or soon-to-be clients frequently.

Networking, any way you look at it, is important in sales whether you are trying to sell a product, your company or yourself. The people you meet during your networking experiences could be a future client, consultant if you need advice and/or referral you and your business to their group of networks. Most of your profitable clients will come from some sort of personal networking.

Let’s take a look at the stats:

  • How did you find some of your current or past employees?
  • Who talks about the project you finished for them last minute, while they were in a bind and needed your help?
  • Who are the people who tell others about the brand new website you designed or the awesome new custom signage you created for their company?

All of these examples are either from networking through the people in your closest circle, whether it be the “new friends” you made at the networking event you attending or friends and family. The point is, word-of-mouth and building connections is extremely important in the business world. Many good things can happen through networking, but we are often “too busy” to fit this in our schedule. But if you knew you would get sales out of networking, would you still be too busy? The answer for most would probably be no.

So where do you being?

  • Join a networking group of professionals – These groups are located all over the city and have a variety of hours that they meet. Whether you are an early riser and would like to meet with a group before work or you have an hour or so extra during lunch or after work, you will be sure to find a time that fits best for you. These groups are great for leads, advice and support. There are multiple types of business industries that attend and most only allow, maybe 2 people in the same industry join, so you are not competing for the leads that may generate. BNI, WINN, One Zone, Indianapolis Networking Organization, Indiana Small Business Networking are just a few locally.
  • Join LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking. It’s free and you can connect with old friends, new business clients and potential customers.
  • Invite someone new out to breakfast or lunch once a week – You might have met through friends, family or your networking channels. However, that’s 4 hours and 4 new people a week that you will connect with. And who knows how many other connections will be made through this small amount of time.

However, don’t stop networking! You might have found success with these strategies and want to get out. Don’t! Instead, look for another group or find a different strategy. All of the good situations that occur may begin to deplete if you choose to forgo or neglect your networks. The key is to continue to grow not only your networking base, but also increase sales so your business can thrive.

Now that you’ve read this. Ask yourself this: “Do you really not have an hour or so a week to not give?”