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All Systems Go!


Finally, up and running! Spending so much time getting prepared for the big show and now we are here. Act one, scene one!

With our feet on the ground we all have that anxious rush of emotions; excitement, fear and joy. We have pretty much ran the gambit on our emotion list this past month. Chances are if it’s a feeling I have felt it within the past month. But, the right foot is without a doubt on it’s mark and ready to run.

Sometimes opportunities for greatness come our way and it is our choice weather we grab hold and ride it out, or, let it pass and hope for the next one to come our way. This is our moment and we are all all aboard. I am not a huge fan of rap but I heard something a while back that inspired me. Hopefully it will do the same for you. When 50 Cent was working on his movie “Get Rich Or Die Trying” he was also working on a new album and writing a book. When someone asked “When do you have time to sleep?” He responded, “Sleep? I don’t sleep, I got an opportunity to make a dream become a reality.”

Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity make my dream become a reality, while working with and being surrounded by my friends! We are already making big things happen in 2014 and we have no intentions of stopping! So, come follow along with us on our journey and be ready to be inspired!

All the Best,