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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals. It is important to work together to achieve the same goal as a company. Project management helps your company grow and work together as a team. We will guide you in ways to achieve these goals more efficiently.

Our Project Management includes:

  • Site Surveys - On site surveys are designed to inform our clients about the process we are going to take. If there are any changes or adjustments, we will make these edits as needed. Within these site surveys, all preparation and progress of the projects are clear and the client is always aware of what actions are taking place.
  • Detail Drawings - We provide detail drawings of the item you will be receiving, these are easily editable to ensure we get your vision correct before installation begins.
  • Sign Permitting - Our highly trained project team have the ability to interpret complex code to figure out what sign you are allowed to use. With this information, it makes it simple for your new sign construction since we do the leg work for you.

Things to consider with Project Management...

  1. What item do you need assistance with?
  2. What materials are going to be used?
  3. Where will these items be installed?