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Are you looking for Indianapolis Promotional Products & Apparel?

Well, you’ve come to the right company. Whether you have an item in mind or you are just browsing, Eye 4 Group is your one-stop company for all your promotional products needs. From unique items to traditional, you will find exactly what you are looking for once you browse through our 1,000’s of promotion and apparel products. 

Our Indianapolis promotional company’s goal is to help our clients extend their branding efforts to promote their company on useable products that their customers and employees will enjoy. No matter how large or small your company is, we can help get your company name out there. What better way to promote, then with everyday items with your logo or branding on them. 

Popular Indianapolis Promotional Products & Apparel

How Indianapolis Promotional Products & Apparel Market Your Company

If you give something away to customers, it makes them more likely to remember you and your company. In a study performed by Relevant Insights, 60% of people who received some sort of promotional products, kept them for 2 years or more. Using promotional products and apparel can make your company stand out at events, trade show and sales meetings. You leave an impression on people and may even put a smile on their face when they receive a free gift.

There are many reasons Promotional Products & Apparel benefit your company:

First Impressions – First impressions go a long way with potential customers. When your customer is first introduced to your company/brand, use every avenue to “WOW” them the first time you meet them. Think of a sales meeting or a trade show as a way to promote your company in memorable ways. If you show up and give each new customer a pen or tote bag, you may be one step above your competitors. It may not sound like a lot, but it will form an ice breaker and form a good first impression.

Lasting Impressions – The pen or tote bag you gave the new customer will be used often, which entails not only will your branding be seen hundreds of time, but a lasting impression will form as well. The customer will recall where they received the promotional item when they use it and it will transfer hands in the process. Keep in mind to use products that make sense for your company. If you own a car dealership, use a key chain or maybe something in the shape of a key. If you have own a salon, you could give your customers a hair brush. If you own a coffee shop, you could give them a coffee mug. The point is to have the product either relate to your company, so there is a correlation between the two or something that is useful to the customer.

Builds Customer Relations – Promotional products can be an ice breaker and can start up rapport with customers who are passing by. If you are at a trade show or marketing event and you hand an item to a complete stranger, this will open the door to what could be a lasting business relationship. 

Grows Your Business – With your logo and company branding on numerous promotional products floating throughout the Indianapolis area, you may receive more phone calls or website hits. These items are like “free” advertising and reach more people geographically then most forms of advertising. People will recognize your brand, remember the way they received your item and they will leave a positive impression about your company.

What Promotional Products Should Our Company Choose?

These are thousands of products to choose from within our company. We don’t want you to become overwhelmed or feel lost when you are browsing through these items. 

It is important to ask yourself few questions when searching a few questions or think about these items when choosing the best promotional item or apparel for your business.

Promotional Products

  1. Have the product relate to your company branding.
  2. What quantity will we need?
  3. What is the call to action?
  4. What should we place on the promotional item? (Company name, logo, website, etc.)
  5. What is the company budget?
  6. What color/colors should we use?
  7. Are there for internal or external use?


  1. Will these be distributed to customers or employees?
  2. What should we place on the promotional item? (Company name, logo, website, etc.)
  3. What quantity will we need?
  4. What sizes and how many of each size will be needed?
  5. What type of apparel will be used (shirt, jacket, hat, gloves, etc)
  6. What color/colors will be used?
  7. Will both sides be printed on?

Contact Eye 4 Group For All Your Promotional Products

Our creative and knowledgeable team at Eye 4 Group has experience in creating a brand for your company. Our goal is to use promotional products and apparel to grow your business, get your company name out there and build customer relationships. We will guide you in the right direction of the products to choose and help with any questions you have each step of the process. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.