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Indianapolis Metal Fabrication

Eye 4 Group isn’t your typical sign shop. Our staff has over 20 years of metal fabrication experience in Indianapolis and has developed a broad scope of projects that have aided in our ability and quality.


Indianapolis Metal Fabrication Development Process

The Metal Fabrication process begins with visualization and collaboration with the customer to collect the information necessary to develop the final product. Taking in factors such as materials, finishes, load requirements, dimensions, customer preferences, we create and or eliminate options to accomplish the desired product or image. 


What type of custom Indianapolis Metal Fabrication projects do we work on?

Fabrication (Aluminum / Steel / Plastics / Composites / Wood / Acrylics)

  • CNC Routing
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Hydraulic Punching / Shearing
  • TIG / MIG Welding
  • Laser and Water Jet Cutting
  • LED Lighting
  • Channel Letters / Cabinets

fabMost common custom Indianapolis metal fabrication projects we work on.

At Eye 4 Group we work frequently with Aluminum Fabrication to build a variety of products including the following:

  • Sign Posts
  • Cabinets
  • Panels
  • Brackets
  • Fencing
  • Frames
  • Structures
  • Architectural Elements
  • Hand Rail / Guard Rail

Eye 4 Group also has an extensive background with Indianapolis clients in building steel, aluminum, and stainless steel fabrication. We have developed products from sheet metal components to structural and even miscellaneous steel projects.


Our Indianapolis Metal Fabrication Clientele

We work with just about anyone around Indianapolis from architects and engineers to designers and contractors. With their help we gather all the information on the metal fabrication project we can, including a budget and build a product specifically for the customer or specific job. If you are unsure of the direction you need to head in with the project, we use our extensive background in metal fabrication to provide consultation services that will help guide you the way as to what is the optimal solution.


How much time does it take to develop a piece?

When it comes to the development of a metal fabrication project through Eye4Group, the development process varies. It could take two minutes sketching on a napkin, or months of design, revisions, engineering, testing, etc.


Indianapolis Metal Fabrication Project Examples


IMG_6292Patterson Railing

Project: 3000LF of custom aluminum railing / student housing / upscale / Bloomington, IN / 2014

Customer: Trinitas Ventures

Need: Trinitas knowing our above and beyond ability to provide fabricated sign packages, posts, structures, etc. Requested a bid from us to provide all of the railing at the collegiate on Patterson. Our bid was competitive and we were awarded the job.

Scope: Bidding, Engineered Design, Field Measurement, Shop Drawing Production, Materials Acquisition, Fabrication, Powder Coating, Delivery, Installation Drawings, Hardware, Field Modifications.

Highlights: Not many companies can provide a full interior/exterior sign package, 2 custom architectural elements ( acrylic grass / hexagon structure ) along with completing 21 buildings with custom aluminum hand rail in a 4 month window. We did. Enough said?


Collegiate Clubhouse

hexagonsProject: 3D Hexagon Structure / LED Acrylic Grass Field

Customer: Trinitas Ventures

Need: Someone please help us get these items built and installed, nobody wants to mess with it. Always fun when this is how the project starts. Once again I priced it mathematically, not using make believe numbers as my competitors must , and we won.

Scope: Hexagon – Fabricate and Install 300pc x 14” Wide Hexagons in lobby and game area of clubhouse. 4 Sets, all unique, each climbing the wall and suspending from the ceiling. Easy enough right.

Scope: Acrylic Grass Field – Fabricate and Install custom built light box to fit in opening allowing acrylic tubes to be lit from the bottom. Staggered pattern, multiple lengths and diameters of acrylic rods. Easy.

Highlights: We utilized summer help for these projects. The Vickery boys, aspiring engineers, worked many days on the hexagons creating the finish and pattern we wanted. When it came time to install the boys had gone back to school and we had a huge a huge pile of hexagons. We spent 2 days on site working through the night to get them in.

We spent a fair amount of time designing the acrylic grass to make the install a breeze. Modular, pre-wired, labeled, measured just right, etc.

All in all both projects were installed and look awesome. Quite the dramatic effect. Just another example of Eye 4 Group providing a solution and getting the job done. Simple.


IMG_4606Street Links 

Project: 3’ x 18’ Blade Sign @ Artistry Building Downtown Indianapolis

Customer: Leo Brown / Developer

Need: Design / Build / Install large blade sign to existing structure

One of a few projects in 2014 with Leo Brown / Milhaus. Won the bid, obviously.

Scope: Additional Sign for new tenant on existing yet new property. Nearly twice the size of previously installed Artistry Blades.

Highlights: We looked at the structure we were to mount this large sign to and provided necessary specs to re inforce were needed. The developer cut small openings for us to access structure through façade, we field measured these and built the cabinet around these parameters. This was the first cabinet we built in-house in 2014 and we think it looks awesome. Fun project to break in the new facility.

Whatever item you are in need for at Eye4Group we are ready to set your Indianapolis company apart from the rest. Please contact us today so we can assist with any metal fabrication questions you may have and then begin the designing on your next project.