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5 Tips When Searching For A Metal Fabrication Company

 Metal Fabrication CompanyAt some point or another you may need to use a Metal Fabrication Company in your line of work. If you are interested in a metal fabrication project, you may not know where to begin. What company do I choose and how do I know if they are the most experienced? There are many factors to consider when you are searching for the right Metal Fabrication company.

Here are 7 Tips when searching for a Metal Fabrication Company:

  1. Experience -Working with an experienced company in this industry is important. Have them supply you with images of projects large or small that they have worked on. Also, have them show similar projects to what you are looking for. This will help you decide if they can produce the metal fabrication piece that you desire. Some companies only work on certain size projects, because this is all their space allows. 
  2. Reputation – A reputable metal fabrication company will provide any references upon request. They will be proud to share their customer’s testimonials or projects that they have completed for them. Check out their Google reviews, this will give you a glimpse about how their customer service is performed and how they value their customers.
  3. Get Multiple Quotes – Try and receive at least 3 quotes to be able to compare the cost and materials they use. Sometimes cheaper is not better, based upon the metal and tools the company uses. Finding a Metal Fabrication Company that is in your budget is one thing, but be aware of how much they charge for labor and delivery. Have them supply a detailed list of all charges for your project.
  4. Turnaround Time –  Everyone expects their projects to be completed in a timely fashion, but even the best fabricators cannot meet extremely quick deadlines without cutting corners. A reliable company will guide you through their process from start to finish and give the most accurate time frame of completion. This will include ordering of all materials, all the way up to delivery.
  5. Industries they Serve – Ask for a list of industries that they have served. This will allow you to know what guidelines and specifications they are aware of across the board. If you see high reviews for certain industries such as chemical or pharmaceutical, this means they have handled very demanding projects and they would be a valuable company to work with.
  6. Product Quality – Ask about the products they use and perform your own research to ensure these are the most durable and long-lasting products around. You may save money if you find a company that is below your budget, but will the final product be saving or costing you more money in the long run?
  7. Capabilities – Most Metal Fabrication pieces are going to be custom built. Therefore, it is important to work with a company who has the right skills and equipment. Is their facility large enough to meet the needs of your project? Does the company work with a variety of materials? You may want to work with a company that can work with the thickness and size metal that you prefer. Is my project too diverse for them?

These simple tips may help you along the way to find a reputable Metal Fabrication Company that meets your needs. Contact us today for any questions you may have on all of your Metal Fabrication, we would be glad to assist.