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    With the Indianapolis 500 coming up in a couple of weeks, fans and engines are revving up for the greatest spectacle in racing. Prior to the big event, there are several preliminary events taking place, such as the Indianapolis Grand Prix this weekend. The 2.439-mile, 14-turn road course takes place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval shaped track, […]

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    Perforated window film also known as “window perf” is a great way to advertise your company. Why not use the “empty space” on your windows to advertise sales, promotions, products and or your company branding. Window perf can be applied to the inside and or outside of your window. You can use it on store […]

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    They say a logo can make or break a business, although I typically agree, I think that there are always exceptions to the rule. Logos are everywhere! Examples of good and bad ones are all over the place, but what is it that differentiates them? There are a few qualities of an effective logo, and […]

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    Many employees just feel like a face in the crowd when they are at their workplace. Did you know that less than one-third of employees in 2015, felt as if they were truly engaged in their workplace? it is best to keep your employees engaged, as this will make them more productive, improve communication and […]

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    According to a Workflow is defined as:“A series of tasks to produce a desired outcome, usually involving multiple participants and several stages in an organization. Workflow describes the sequential steps that comprise a work process in the business environment. In its most comprehensive form, workflow includes the procedures, people and tools involved in each […]

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    Spend a day in any mall, supermarket, theme park, restaurant, on the road, actually spend a day anywhere and you will notice phones and tablets in front of people’s faces. Technology has grown to a point where it has begun to trump real life events in real time.I recently returned from a trip to Walt […]

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    Many of us enjoy watching football from September to January, but one of the biggest sporting events of the year falls in February. Whether it’s a nail-biting, down to wire game or a washout, this is one of the most watched sporting events every year. This may be because football is one of America’s most popular […]

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    Indianapolis Sign Company Installation ProcessAre you looking for an Indianapolis Sign Company to perform installation of a sign that your company purchased or would like relocating? Not only does our Indianapolis Sign Company design, fabricate and create custom signs for you, we also also perform the sign installation process on any sign that you need […]

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    Our Indianapolis Sign Company has over 20 plus years of combined work experience in the sign industry. If you would like to work with an experienced and knowledgeable sign company, Eye 4 Group is here to help. From the second you contact us all the way to the installation of our signs, we are with you every […]

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    The end of the year is always a busy time for all businesses. There’s a list of projects that need to be completed by the end of the year, many people are taking time off for the holidays or to fulfill their PTO, sick employees passing the cold or flu bug back and forth and […]

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    When purchasing an Indianapolis Awning there are many factors to consider. This is a large purchase that will not only protect your business, but add an inviting look as well. There are many questions that you may have before purchasing and awning. At Eye 4 Group, we are here to assist in anyway we can. […]

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    The color printing process can be confusing to outside sources if you are not familiar with the printing industry. For many, they rely on their printers for color matching and producing high-quality prints to showcase their work. They also rely on them to steer them in the right direction between offset printing and digital printing. […]

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     At some point or another you may need to use a Metal Fabrication Company in your line of work. If you are interested in a metal fabrication project, you may not know where to begin. What company do I choose and how do I know if they are the most experienced? There are many factors […]

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    Are you looking for Indianapolis Promotional Products & Apparel?Well, you’ve come to the right company. Whether you have an item in mind or you are just browsing, Eye 4 Group is your one-stop company for all your promotional products needs. From unique items to traditional, you will find exactly what you are looking for once you browse through our 1,000’s of promotion […]

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    Effective advertising makes a great first impression! Think of a few companies that have really knocked your socks off with their advertising techniques. What made them stand out? What drew your attention to them?What better way to advertise your company then on the fly! What do I mean by this? Well think about how often you drive […]

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    Is Networking a part of your weekly routine?Do you attend networking events and receive handfuls of business cards? Do you set these aside or use them to build your business? It is very important to not only keep these business cards in some sort of database to send newsletters, promote new products, etc, but it is […]

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    Everyone knows the importance of having a lasting first impression on a potential or new client when walking into an office, store or building. One of the first things they see is your name and logo on your indoor sign. Would you say this is a great first impression or is this area blank; therefore […]

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    Have you ever wanted to branch out on your own?For many of us, the answer is yes, but is it really that easy? Every negative thought seems to cross your mind, which can ultimately pull you farther away from your dreams.What if my new company fails? How will I pay the bills on my own? How will […]

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    To run a successful and profitable business you must draw your clients in some way. The best way to do this is to have eye catching retail signs. Having signs that drive foot traffic in are imperative in the retail world. Think about when you are walking along busy streets in the area, even if […]

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    In a recent blog, we wrote about how important the design process is and tips to assist when creating these items. We wanted to expand on one of the items, because this is one of the most important features of your company. The item we will be discussing is logo design.A logo is defined as a […]

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    Are you looking to “WOW” your clients? Do you need tips on how to create design pieces that will attract clients?All projects begin with the design process. Design is a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. When […]

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    Many people think of outdoor advertising as a sign, billboard or banner. One of the easiest and “free” types of advertising is a custom vehicle wrap.  Imagine how much advertising your vehicle wrap will display just by sitting outside your office, parked in your driveway at home and driving around town. This type of exposure […]

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    How many of you still have that old T-shirt you received at a Trade Show, Job Fair or Sporting Event? More importantly, how many of you like free stuff? Most people would answer yes to both of these questions. We have good news for those of you who are looking to promote your business and […]

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    Everyone has heard the old saying, “A business without a sign, is a sign of no business”. Signs are one of the oldest forms of marketing and are becoming the business cards of the 90’s. Let’s examine this a little further and figure out the types of signs your company may be in the need […]

  • Eye4Group featured in Current in Fishers magazine

    Eye4Group featured in Current in Fishers magazine. Check it out by clicking the image!

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        Eye4Group is happy to be part of such an awesome cause!

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    Finally, up and running! Spending so much time getting prepared for the big show and now we are here. Act one, scene one! With our feet on the ground we all have that anxious rush of emotions; excitement, fear and joy. We have pretty much ran the gambit on our emotion list this past month. […]

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    I think its safe to say that the coming year is going to be a crazy one to say the least.  Generally, I come to the close of a year wondering “where did the time go?”   This was certainly not the case with 2013, and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all.   […]